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    By: Josephine Angelini
    Publication Date: September 2, 2014
    Love burns. Worlds collide. Magic reigns.

    This world is trying to kill Lily Proctor. Her life-threatening allergies keep her from enjoying many of the experiences that other teenagers take for granted...which is why she is determined to enjoy her first (and perhaps only) high-school party. But Lily's life never goes according to plan, and after a humiliating incident in front of half her graduating class Lily wishes she could just disappear.

    Suddenly Lily is in a different Salem - one overrun with horrifying creatures and ruled by powerful women called Crucibles. Strongest and cruellest of all the Crucibles is Lillian . . . Lily's identical other self in this alternate universe. This new version of her world is terrifyingly sensual, and Lily is soon overwhelmed by new experiences.

    Lily realizes that what makes her weak at home is exactly what makes her extraordinary in New Salem. It also puts her life in danger. Thrown into a world she doesn't understand, Lily is torn between responsibilities she can't hope to shoulder alone, and a love she never expected.

    But how can Lily be the saviour of this world when she is literally her own worst enemy?

    About Josephine
    Josephine AngeliniJosephine Angelini is a Massachusetts native and the youngest of eight siblings. She graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in theater, with a focus on the classics. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

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    We got the chance to ask Josie a few questions and we're sharing the answers with you!!

    Where did the idea for Trial By Fire come from?

    The witchcraft aspect comes from my upbringing.  I grew in Massachusetts, surrounded by the history of the Salem Witch Trials.  I was always morbidly drawn to the hysteria behind a witch-hunt in the real world, and fascinated by lore and the ritual of witchcraft in the world of fantasy.  Both aspects appealed to me and I wanted to write a book that incorporated both aspects.  In my book, witchcraft is real (so I get the lore bit).  The witches are in power and they have instigated a “witch-hunt” for scientists (so I get the mass hysteria bit). 

    The parallel universe aspect of the story comes from a thought that I obsessed over while going through a particularly nasty bout of insomnia.  I couldn’t stop thinking that if I met myself in a parallel universe I would become by own worst enemy. 

    What is the weirdest thing you googled while researching for this series?

    Bee’s knees.  It really matters which way you put the knee on an exoskeleton in terms of speed and mobility.  I know how a bee’s knees actually work, which (oddly) matters for the second book.

    What was your favorite scene to write and why?

    I’d tell you, but it’s a spoiler to identify it.  My favorite scenes to write are always the action sequences.  They fly out of me like I’m dictating exactly what I see projected onto a movie screen in my head.  The best part is that for me it’s like watching a movie that no one else has seen yet.

    Did any of your characters surprise you by doing something you didn’t expect?

    I get asked this a lot, but the truth is I’m very rigid when it comes to plotting and character development.  My characters don’t surprise me, but I always seem to discover a sub-plot in the story that I hadn’t expected—some underlying theme or concept that I want to highlight to add another layer of interest for the reader and for myself.  But my characters do what I tell them to do.  My books are not a democracy. 

    Did you always know how book 1 would end or did things change as you wrote?

    I know how the whole series ends!  I can’t write without a compass, but that doesn’t mean that I get bored.  Not at all, actually.  I always discover more layers of meaning or better opportunities for deeper emotional conflict while I write, but the major plot points are firm before I type Chapter One.

    What are you currently reading? What are some of your recent favorite reads?

    Right now I’m reading baby books!  My husband and I are expecting our first child at the end of September, and I’m absolutely obsessed with all things baby related.  I haven’t read any fiction since I read an ARC of Storm Siren by Mary Weber—it was really good, btw. 

    Any advice for aspiring writers?

    Finish that first manuscript.  I know so many talented writers who hit a wall with their story and don’t know how to get through the tough middle part, so they give up.  Or worse, sometimes writers decide to drastically change their book after they’ve written half of it and give up because they feel bogged down by too many options.  Don’t give up in either case.  Every published writer I’ve ever met has one or two writing endeavors that they’ve abandoned and slid under the bed.  The only difference between a published writer and an unpublished one is that the published writer doesn’t let that stop them.  They write another story, and then another if they have to. 

    What’s next for you? Are you working on anything right now that you can tell us about?

    I’m working on the third book in the WorldWalker Trilogy.  SOOO sad right now!  I’m in that “she’s lost everything and has to drag herself out of the pit even though she’s got nothing to hope for” bit.  Always kills me when I do that to my characters.  But I have a feeling it’ll end okay.  J

    5 Favorites
    Favorite Song (right now)Bridges by Broods
    Favorite Book (right now) The Pregnancy Bible
    Favorite TV Show/Movie (right now)Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
    Favorite Word  - Truthy
    Favorite Snack  - Peanut butter on a Carr’s whole-wheat cracker and a frosty glass of milk.  Yumm-a-lummy!

    Erin's Thoughts

    Trial by Fire
    by Josephine Angelini

    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini is book one of The Worldwalker Trilogy and sets the stage nicely for a great new paranormal, young adult, series. I am always a bit hesitant to start a series so far in advance but I honestly couldn’t hold out anymore. First, that cover is ridiculously lovely and perfect and then the story…witches, magic, and alternate universes – I was sold! I will try to review without any spoilers...I promise!

    Lily Procter is high school senior who lives in Salem, Massachusetts and she suffers from life threatening allergies. Despite her allergies, Lily is determined to try something normal for once – she is going to go to her first high school party with her best friend (and perhaps more) Tristan. When something happens at the party that causes her to have a major allergic reaction, and ultimately a seizure, Lily and Tristan end up fighting and saying some things they probably shouldn’t have. As Lily thinks about what happened, she decides she could just disappear…which is when she decides to answer the voice inside of her and let it know that she is ready to leave.

    You’re probably wondering what that all means. Well, the voice in Lily’s head is actually Lillian, another version of herself in an alternate version of Salem, Massachusetts. This Lillian happens to be a powerful witch who has been looking for a way to save her world and has given up quite a bit to do it. In her search, she found Lily and while she is weak and sick in her current world, Lillian knows that she will be strong and powerful in the new one.

    As Lily jumps into this new world, she is faced with a number of people that look familiar but are not really known to her. Her sister Juliet is there as is Tristan but they are not the same. The one person who is new to her, Rowan, happens to know Lillian very well and at first, this is a problem. As I mentioned, Lillian gave up a lot to follow the path she is on and one of them is Rowan. She has done some horrible things to him and those he loves but according to her, it was worth it if she can save her world. Once Lily realizes exactly what happened and that she is no longer in a world she is familiar with, she runs and ends up with the one person who would prefer to see Lillian dead, Rowan.

    As the story progresses, we learn that in this world, the witches control everything and make all of the rules. As the strongest witch, Lillian is the ruler. The group that Rowan, Tristan, and Caleb belong to are the Outlanders and they live outside the 13 cities. Outlanders also have no rights or citizenship and have been rebelling against Lillian’s control so that they can have the things they need to survive. As Lily comes to realize just how dangerous this world can be she also learns a lot more about the magic. Where Lily suffered and was sick in her version of Salem, Rowan is able to explain her allergies and provide relief for the things she couldn’t previously control. As a mechanic, it is Rowan’s job to know what his witch needs and the makeup of her body. Because he used to serve in this role for Lillian, he knows exactly what Lily needs and when. Although it makes Lily uncomfortable at first, she quickly learns to trust Rowan despite the distrust he has for her.

    The characters in this book were solidly built and I was definitely rooting for Lily. Even when she was sick, she wasn’t really one to just sit back and let people dictate what she did. And when she was thrown into a situation where she had no control or understanding of what was going on, she wasn’t afraid to jump in and figure out what to do.

    As Lily’s relationship grows and changes with Rowan, we learn more about who he is and why things are the way they are between Rowan and Lillian. I have to admit, with what happened between them, I am surprised he is able to get past his anger when he looks at Lily, but he does. Obviously he realizes she is a completely different person and they have some different personality traits…which allows him to begin to have feelings and care about Lily. Yes, there is romance in this book and I loved it. It didn’t pull away from the overall story of what was going on with the rebellion and everything else and the way that Angelini weaved this part of the story in worked perfectly.

    One thing I wish we would have learned more about was Carrick and ultimately what happened with him. I don’t know if he will reappear in the next book or if he is gone for good but I thought his story was a bit unexplained and abrupt. Angelini alluded to something in his past that made him who he was but I feel like I need more to connect the dots. Also, since it is from Lily’s point of view we have no idea what is going on at home with her friends and family and I really want to.

    Overall I thought the pacing was well done but the ending felt a bit rushed. The focus stayed on the magic of the big fight scene but I wanted a bit more than that. Trust me, it didn’t hurt the story at all, mostly because the focus should probably be on the magic, but I guess I wanted to have more than just a few sentences around what happened with Gideon and how the fight was going.

    Another thing I enjoyed was how Angelini tied the science and witchcraft together. I’m no science expert but I have to say, the way things were explained, it was believable. The world that Angelini built out was intriguing as well. The idea that there could be other versions of a world where some things are similar but others are not is something I love to read about. The Woven, the way agriculture and farming is handled, and the idea that witches create all energy were only a few of the things described but definitely showed how much thought and development went into creating this world and the story.

    If you like Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Dystopian (or all three together), I have a feeling you will enjoy this book. It is filled with action, world building, and magic which are all things that had me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. This is a series so there is definitely an ending here that leads into another book and although a lot happens, the ending left a whole lot up in the air in terms of what will happen next for all of the characters. I know I am looking forward to the next book in this series….my patience will be tested as I’m pretty sure I have about a year to wait, but I loved the story so it was worth jumping into this book early.

    Thank you to Netgalley and Macmillan for the review copy.

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    This week, to celebrate heading back to school we're talking about the ten book characters who would be sitting at our lunch table.  So, in no particular order... 

    Sophie Bloom - The Blooming Goddess trilogy by Tellulah Darling
    Celaena Sardothien - Throne of Glass series by Sarah Maas
    Caymen Meyers - The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
    Wick Tate - Find Me series by Romily Bernard
    Jase Garrett - My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
    Ryan Dean West - Winger by Andrew Smith
    Matt Finch - Open Road Summer by Emory Lord
    Josh Bennett - The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
    Ezra Faulkner - The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider
    Richard Campbell Gansey - The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater
    Archer Cross/Sophie Mercer - Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins
    Charlie Hansen - Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander
    Micah Foster - The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes

    Who would sit at your lunch table?  Tell us in the comments!

  3. REVIEW: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

    Monday, September 01, 2014


    By: Sarah J. Maas

    Publication Date: September 2, 2014
    Lost and broken, Celaena Sardothien’s only thought is to avenge the savage death of her dearest friend: as the King of Adarlan’s Assassin, she is bound to serve this tyrant, but he will pay for what he did. Any hope Celaena has of destroying the king lies in answers to be found in Wendlyn. Sacrificing his future, Chaol, the Captain of the King’s Guard, has sent Celaena there to protect her, but her darkest demons lay in that same place. If she can overcome them, she will be Adarlan’s biggest threat – and his own toughest enemy. 

    While Celaena learns of her true destiny, and the eyes of Erilea are on Wendlyn, a brutal and beastly force is preparing to take to the skies. Will Celaena find the strength not only to win her own battles, but to fight a war that could pit her loyalties to her own people against those she has grown to love?

    Sarah J. Maas is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Throne of Glass series (Heir of Fire, Book 3, will be out in September 2014). Starting in Spring 2015, her New Adult Fantasy series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, will be published by Bloomsbury as well. 

    Sarah lives in Southern California, and over the years, she has developed an unhealthy appreciation for Disney movies and bad pop music. She adores fairy tales and ballet, drinks too much coffee, and watches absolutely rubbish TV shows. When she's not busy writing, she can be found exploring the California coastline with her husband.
    Jaime's Thoughts
    Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Okay… honestly… how am I supposed to review this book? Sarah has run my emotions through the ringer and I don’t know what I’ll even do with myself until the next book arrives.

    I’m going to do this a little different since 1)my copy of my book is in the hands of the ever lovely Corie and 2) I can’t tell you a single thing about the story because I’m not going to ruin it for anyone and 3) I haven’t done a gif filled review in a long long time and I want to do one now!

    You all know that going into this book I was a little bit like this..

    What with where we left our lovely Celaena, Chaol and Prince Dorian at the end of Crown of Midnight. So to say I was a little nervous on where our story would go from there would be an understatement… but Maas dives right back in and transports me to this amazing world from the get-go.

    From page 1 we see a completely different Celaena… she’s broken and empty and blames herself for so much…

    And then Rowan arrives on the scene

    And I wanted to hate him… I really, really did. But holy shit…I ended up loving him for the exact reasons that Celaena did!

    “Gods, he was brilliant. Cunning and wicked and brilliant.
    Even when he beat the hell out of her. Every. Damn. Day.”

    Rowan’s a Fae prince who is bound to Queen Maeve and in order to get Celaena into Doranelle he is the one to determine her worthiness. He will accept nothing but her best and is determined to make her give it. He’s brooding and quiet and strong but my god you guys… when he and Celaena find that bit of friendship….

    “I claim you, Rowan Whitethorn. I don't care what you say and how much you protest. I claim you as my friend.”

    She totally made me cry.

    But I still haven’t even touched on Dorian and Chaol yet… and their arcs in this book are so wonderfully done.

    Dorian is finding a bit of happiness for himself with someone you would never have guessed. And for as much as I ship Celaena and Chaol, my heart broke that little tiny bit when she pushed Dorian away because I feared that their friendship would crash and burn. But surprisingly all the things that came out at the end of Crown of Midnight didn’t make his friendship with her waiver… instead, Chaol was the one who wasn’t sure where his feelings for Celaena now stood and Dorian is the one to put Chaol in his place.

    “As for Celaena,” he said again, “ you do not have the right to wish she were not what she is. The only thing you have a right to do is decide whether you are her enemy or her friend.”

    But we also have the start of a different aspect of the story in this installment… the Ironteeth Witches were an excellent addition to the story and I am excited to see where Maas takes that part of the story in the next book.

    I have to admit of the books in the series so far, this was the hardest read … I don’t mean that in a bad way!! What I mean is that on an emotional level I was put through the ringer. This is so much darker than the previous books and understandably so. Celaena has to realize and come to terms with some very important aspects of her life, and the way Maas has developed her character… she has to hit that rock bottom before she can climb her way back up and holy crap is it painful.

    I’m a die-hard Chaol & Celaena shipper - I will never be anything else, so that part of this story was also hard, especially after most of Crown of Midnight and while we didn’t see them together much here, their story development has me dying for more.

    If I had to go with one overall gif for this review I think it would be…

    Oh… and this… definitely this.

    Thank you to Bloomsbury for giving this away at BEA this year… I would have stood in line for hours to get it. (Oh wait… nevermind. I DID!) Totally worth every second.

    If you haven’t started this series yet, drop everything and get to it. This is definitely in my all-time favorites list for a reason!


    By: Kendra Leigh Castle
    Publication Date: July 1, 2014
    For Samantha Henry, it took a ten-year absence to appreciate the close-knit New England town with an appeal all its own....
    After a perfect storm of events leaves Sam high, dry, and jobless, she has to head home to Harvest Cove to regroup. Growing up, she was the town misfit, and a brief high school romance that resulted in heartbreak made her realize she was never going to fit in. But now with the support of her mother and an unexpected circle of allies, Sam starts to wonder if she’s misjudged the town all these years.
    Life’s been good to Jake Smith. He transitioned from popular jock to town veterinarian without any trouble. But Sam’s homecoming makes him question his choices. The sharp-tongued beauty was never a good fit for the small community, but he’s never forgotten her—or how good they were together. While she makes it clear she’s not about to repeat the past, Jake’s determined to convince her to give him—and Harvest Cove—a second chance. 

    Kendra Leigh Castle is the author of numerous paranormal romances, including the MacInnes Werewolves trilogy, the RITA award-nominated Renegade Angel, the Dark Dynasties series, and the Hearts of the Fallen series. 2014 will see the release of her first contemporary romance, For the Longest Time, which will be the first in her Harvest Cove series. Kendra lives in Maryland with her husband, children, two Newfs, and one obnoxious cat.

    Jaime's Thoughts
    For the Longest Time by Kendra Leigh Castle
    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    I’m going to just straight out say it. I love romance. I love swoony guys. And I love LOVE!!! I was first introduced to the words of Kendra Leigh Castle in the form of a PNR series and when I saw that she had a contemporary romance coming out, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

    In For the Longest Time, we meet Sam. Sam’s had a rough go of things lately and she’s headed back to her small hometown to figure out where she goes next. Sam has never considered the town of Harvest Cove home even though that’s where she grew up. The whole place holds a lot of bad memories of being teased and bullied just because she didn’t fit the mold of what people considered normal.

    Upon her arrival at her mom’s house, she encounters a kitten who claims her as his own… quickly followed by Jake, the guy who crushed her when she was younger. Jake has had things pretty good for most of his life. He was the popular jock in high school with a pretty girlfriend and friends who he’s stuck with over the years. Now he’s the town vet with his own house and a rambunctious dog, he's still well known and well liked around town. When he comes face to face with Sam he’s reminded of the friendship he had pursued when they were younger … and the way he treated her in the end.

    This is something of a second chance story. While these two never really made it to a relationship when they were younger, there were definitely feelings. And the big question for Sam is whether or not she can move past the hurt she experienced at Jake’s hands…. Because he’s interested in her now and he’s determined not to let his friends influence him this time.

    The romance here is sweet and sexy and the characters are fun and I really enjoyed getting to know each of them. Both Jake and Sam were likable and it was so fun getting to see them reconnect and build trust in each other.

    If you’re a fan of Jill Shalvis or Kristen Higgins you’re going to want to pick this book up… definitely reminiscent of The Lucky Harbor series … and that’s good news for me because with that series ending and this one starting, I won’t have to go on a hunt to find my contemporary romance fix… Kendra Leigh Castle and the Harvest Cove Crew are definitely on my ‘must read’ list from here on out.

    Thank you to Penguin for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest thoughts!


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    Have you gotten used to reading on your Kindle, iPad, Nook, or other reading device? Do you have tons of pretty books filling your bookshelves that are just begging to be read (and maybe sniffed a little too)? Do you have a favorite book or series that you’ve been looking for a reason to reread? All these scenarios, and so many more, are the perfect reason to join the “Real” Book Challenge! Join us in a quest to put down the electronic devices and pick up a physical copy of your favorite book(s). 

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    Deborah Harkness 
    We have been wanting to meet Deborah Harkness for what seems like forever now and when we found out she was going to be at Boswell Book Company, there was no way we were going to miss it.  We ended up going to the store early because we wanted to get good seats and of course, we can always manage to wander around a bookstore.  Deborah was wonderful and I loved listening to her talk all about Matthew and Diana.  

    Chloe Neill
    Chloe Neill was celebrating the release of the newest book in the Chicagoland Vampires series, Blood Games.  I can't wait to dive into this one but have to say that Chloe was wonderful to listen to she took the time to sign all of the books everyone had with them.  If you like paranormal books, definitely check this series out.  There are currently nine books in the series out and a few more in queue.

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